Johns Manville starts producing nonwoven media for face masks

Members of the Richland meltblown production team.
Members of the Richland meltblown production team.

The Johns Manville plant in Richland, Mississippi, USA has started production of nonwoven filtration media that will be used to create much-needed face masks to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

“Johns Manville is in a unique position to serve a market that is fulfilling a great need across the world,” said Mary Rhinehart, president and CEO of Johns Manville. “We are proud of our teams in Richland and throughout JM for finding new ways to support the communities and people who are on the front lines of this global crisis.”

Most production of nonwoven face masks moved to Asia many years ago. Given the shortage of face masks in the US and Europe, Johns Manville’s Engineered Products business has decided to build on its existing capabilities and help fill the market demand.

“Our high-performance nonwoven material is designed to provide high levels of filtration for various types of face masks,” said John Vasuta, president of Johns Manville’s Engineered Products business.

Johns Manville media meets or exceeds Level 1 BFE 95% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency) requirements.

The Johns Manville plant in Richland employs about 50 people and produces a variety of filtration products for air and liquid applications using polypropylene and polyester meltblown technology. Richland’s meltblown filtration media can be found in numerous industrial, automotive, consumer products and FDA-approved food and healthcare applications.

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