Industrial electrospinning technology for laboratories enabled

Elmarco has introduced an updated Nanospider (NS) LAB. The Czech Republic company said that this is the first product update to 'the world’s best selling nanofibre research tool' originally launched in 2005 at Tokyo's Nanotech exhibition. 

Designed for experimental work on nanofibre material and applications, the updated product incorporates years of customer feedback and product support.  With a smaller footprint and lower cost, the NS LAB now makes use of the stationary wire electrode first introduced into Elmarco’s industrial lines in 2010.  ''We’ve listened to the market and to our customers,“ said Kaz Nomoto, CEO of Elmarco and responsible for business activities across Asia.  ''This product is tailored to the needs of the academic researcher working with nanofibers from either a material or application perspective.

''With this new product, Elmarco strengthens its position as the global leader in not just industrial equipment but also academic research equipment designed for the needs of universities and research institutes. Asia has been and will continue to be an important market for Elmarco, which is why we chose to unveil the product here at Nanotech 2014 in Tokyo,“ he said. All Elmarco products, from the 1.6 metre wide working width NS 8S1600U, to the NS LAB launched this year, now incorporate the stationary wire electrode system.  This system is often referred to as Elmarco’s ''Gen2“ technology, as opposed to the original solid metal electrode, which is considered ''Gen1“. 

''When we introduced the NS 1WS500U two years ago it quickly became our best selling product, but at its higher price point, it is really intended for industrial R&D centres – we know how price sensitive the academic market is,“ said Elmarco’s CTO Aleš Gardián.Elmarco works with global businesses in filtration and advanced membranes using the company’s pioneering industrial-scale nanofiber production equipment.