Filtration+Separation to hold new free webinar with Elmarco Inc.

Filtration+Separation is pleased to announce a brand new interactive webinar, in association with Elmarco Inc. This online webinar is free to attend - just visit our registration page to sign up. When: Tuesday 18 August 2009 Time: 3pm BST (GMT+1), 10am EST Where: Registration is FREE. Simply, follow this link and reserve your place NOW! The webinar will be moderated by Nova Dudley-Gough, former editor of Filtration+Separation magazine, and will cover the following topics: 1. Nanofibers - why now? An overview of the Nanospider™ fiber formation process in contrast to conventional electrospinning. Presenter: Fred Lybrand, Vice President, Elmarco (20 mins) Electrospinning has been an attractive technology for several decades, but has been held back due to technological and form factor considerations. Elmarco’s Nanospider™ production equipment allows the purchase of simple, proven equipment to produce nanofiber media with superior fiber, web, production and price metrics. This section of the webinar will also include an overview of the markets where nanofibers are being used. 2. Bringing nanofiber enabled products to market. The unique performance benefits nanofibers add to air and liquid filtration products. Presenter: Ismael Ferrer, Product Manager, Elmarco (20 mins) Nanofibers are a unique performance tool for optimizing the profitability and performance of filtration media. This section of the webinar will also highlight how Elmarco helps customers integrate nanofiber manufacturing within their operations. Producing high quality, cost effective nanofiber webs is only the first step in bringing nanofiber enabled products to market. Elmarco works to ensure our customers' success in bringing new materials with new capabilities to market. Fred Lybrand Fred Lybrand is the Vice President, North America, for Elmarco, Inc. where he is responsible for sales and marketing. He helped open the US office for Elmarco in 2008 and has focused on exploring new markets for Elmarco's nanofiber production equipment. Mr. Lybrand also serves on the National Academies' Committee on Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies. Ismael Ferrer Ismael Ferrer joined Elmarco, Inc. in 2009 as a Product Manager and technical liaison between North American customers and Elmarco's headquarters in the Czech Republic. Prior to joining Elmarco he spent the previous seven years with Donaldson Company where he led the development of novel electrospun nanofiber materials for filtration and other applications. Prior to that, he worked at GE Osmonics developing solvent resistant membranes for non-aqueous filtration applications. Remember - registration is free and only takes a few minutes of your time to fill in your details. We hope you enjoy Filtration+Separation webinar in association with Elmarco inc. Look out for details of future webinars for 2009 on the all-new Filtration+Separation website.