HIFYBER nanofibers to be produced using Elmarco Nanospider technology

Elmarco supplied 1,6 m production line with a complete set of peripherals for high volume roll-to-roll operation. The technology enables Abalioglu Teknoloji to enter the market and to deliver high performance nanofibers under their own brand HIFYBER.

“On top of Elmarco’s unique Nanospider technology, our 7 years of expertise and know-how in nanofiber technology delivers outstanding features such as narrow fibre diameter distribution, controlled pore size and superior adhesion, thus numerous industries can benefit from our HIFYBER materials,” says Ozdemir Aydin, Abalioglu Teknoloji General Manager.

The nanofiber production line is based on Elmarco’s NS 8S1600U, industrial operation proven spinning unit. The unit uses needle-free electrospinning Nanospider technology that is designed for high volume production with long time shifts in roll-to-roll operation. “We delivered a complete 1.6 m technology for nanofiber production, to ensure customer’s need for industrial operation and to prove our turn-key delivery capability,” says Miloslav Masopust, Managing Director, Elmarco Czech Republic. Elmarco’s turn-key nanofiber production line included adhesion treatment and Nanospider air conditioning unit which are necessary for fine fibre manufacturing.

Cooperation between Abalioglu Teknoloji and Elmarco brought not only the first industrial nanofiber technology in Turkey, but also improved availability of nanofiber materials on global market.