GE provides ZeeLung and ZeeWeed membranes for Belgian WWTP upgrade

The plant will be the first in Europe to use GE’s new ZeeLung MABR technology.

GE’s Water & Process Technologies offers a hybrid system in which 50% of the wastewater is treated by ZeeWeed 500D MBR, and the remaining flow of 8 million litres per day is treated by a conventional activated sludge system. Adding ZeeLung MABR to the plant will enable improved total nitrogen removal in the conventional activated sludge stream.

The Schilde plant was originally designed for the treatment of 28 000 population equivalents (both hydraulic and biologic capacity), but the actual load has gradually increased to 35 000. In 2015, biological treatment capacity was increased by extending membrane capacity of the MBR and installing post-denitrification sand filters on the effluent of the conventional activated sludge system.

With the upgrade, the plant will meet new total nitrogen removal regulations within its existing footprint.

“Water & Process Technologies’ hybrid solution of ZeeLung and ZeeWeed was about meeting an effluent specification within the plant’s existing footprint. The Schilde Wastewater Treatment Plant needed to be upgraded to increase its nutrient removal ability, and by using ZeeLung, the plant will have lower energy consumption,” said Kevin Cassidy, global leader, engineered systems – GE’s Water & Process Technologies.