G2O Water Technologies moves towards commercial applications

UK technology business G2O Water Technologies is preparing for commercial-scale application of its graphene-based water filtration membranes.

Following a series of investments and grants totalling approximately £5 million, G2O Water Technologies is moving from product development to externally focused growth.

Having relocated to a high-tech campus in North West of England, the company is currently completing two industrial validation trial, including a Carbon Trust funded pilot to treat wastewater from the UK’s largest industrial laundry company.

G2O Water Technologies’ graphene-oxide-based technology mitigates the effect of biofouling, which costs membrane users energy, chemicals and plant uptime, as well as shortening membrane lifetimes.

In addition to desalination and water supply in the developing world, the company sees significant potential for its technology in the oil & gas, food & beverage and energy sectors, as well as in large-scale cleaning of laundry and textiles and a range of other produced water sectors.

“It’s at last time to subject what we believe is a solid and valuable solution to the rigors of the toughest challenge to face this company yet: market acceptance,” said Chris Wyres, CEO of G2O Water Technologies.

“Our products are scientifically proven. We are confident they will deliver a significant reduction in the cost and environmental impact of water treatment, making membrane filtration efficient, sustainable and ubiquitous.”

As well as strengthening the team with key technology experts, G2O Water Technologies has appointed international marketing consultancy Blue Gold Marketing to develop its marketing strategy.