Fluence signs MoU for African water treatment plant

Fluence Corp Ltd has signed an exclusive memorandum of understanding (MoU) with an African nation to design and construct an advanced water treatment plant.

A construction agreement is expected to be negotiated and signed by the second quarter of 2018.

The water treatment facility would treat local surface feed-water to provide up to 150 000 cubic meters per day of drinking water. The Fluence solution includes a smart intake system, a cutting-edge membrane-based application, and chemical and physical treatment technologies.

The project is planned to be fully financed through a government-backed export credit financing institution and would be operational within a two-year period following contract finalization.

“Providing developing regions with highly innovative and cost-effective water treatment solutions often comes with a tangle of technological and regulatory challenges,” said Fluence CEO Henry Charrabé. “The fact that Fluence could design, build and finance a solution to meet this nation’s needs in a timely manner is a testament to our team’s combined years of experience in treating challenging waters to deliver high quality potable water to people who need it most.”

The plant would bring revenues of over US$100 million to Fluence, with one third in 2018 and the balance in 2019.