Fluence wins $1.7m contract from Ecuador fish processor

Ecuadorian fish processor Irotop SA has awarded Fluence a US$1.7 million contract to treat wastewater from its tuna and sardine processing and packing plants.

US-headquartered Fluence Corp specialises in providing decentralized and packaged water, wastewater and reuse treatment solutions.

According to Henry Charrabé, the company's Managing Director and CEO, the global market for water and wastewater solutions in food and beverage applications is around US$6.1 billion, and it is growing at over 6% a year.

Fluence has developed a strong expertise in these wastewater treatment applications including its anaerobic digestion technology, Charrabé reports.

"We help our customer’s operations become more sustainable by reducing their reliance on external water, energy, and by recycling highly polluted effluents after treatment," he explains.

The Irotop contract follows the successful commissioning of a Fluence smart decentralized wastewater treatment plant for Tadel SA, a fish rendering plant in Ecuador. This is the first wastewater reuse plant in the fish processing industry in the country, Fluence reports.