Filtermist restructures UK business

Filtermist International's headquarters in Telford, Shropshire, UK.
Filtermist International's headquarters in Telford, Shropshire, UK.

Industrial air filtration specialist Filtermist International Ltd has restructured its UK business operations.

Having completed a number of acquisitions over the past three years, Filtermist International is now merging its current eight businesses into just two – Filtermist International Ltd and Filtermist Systems Ltd.

Filtermist International Ltd will be responsible for manufacturing all branded products and Filtermist Systems Ltd will handle the sales of products to UK customers.

Filtermist, which is part of the Swedish company Absolent Group, operates and manufactures in the UK from sites in Telford, Northampton, Wetherby, Dewsbury and Glasgow. In addition to Filtermist oil filters, the company is also responsible for manufacturing a range of product brands, all of which are being retained. These include Dustcheck, Ecogate, Fastclip, Gallito, Kerstar and XS Automation.

“This change is part of a strategic, long-term plan we’ve developed to help us grow globally,” explained Filtermist International CEO James Stansfield. “We are not losing any product brands, merely reorganising how we operate to ensure our customers continue to benefit from the best service possible. As well as increasing our product portfolio through the brands we have acquired, we have also increased our headcount by more than 300%, giving us a substantial nationwide presence. We wanted to capitalise on this by ensuring our customers can easily access the best knowledge and the best skills that suit their specific requirements.”

Filtermist International, which celebrates 50 years in business in 2019, has recently invested in a new 30 000 sq ft central distribution and assembly facility, just a few minutes’ walk away from its purpose-built headquarters in Telford.