Exclusive license to sell Poreflon membrane bioreactors in the US

Poreflon membrane bioreactors (MBRs) enhance wastewater treatment by clarifying wastewater from within the biological treatment system. Unlike MBRs made with hollow fibers of PVDF, Poreflon’s unique PTFE membranes are the strongest, most chemically-resistant, high temperature MBR fibers available.

Poreflon achieves filtration with 0.2 micron pore sizes similar to PVDF and PET, but with higher porosity, resulting in twice the flux rate of conventional systems. This means that Poreflon can treat more water at a lower cost.

Poreflon can be used in acids, alkaline solutions, oxidizers and solvents and can operate at temperatures up to 50°C, making it ideal for industrial applications.

Unlike PVDF elements, Poreflon can be stored dry, making it easy to handle, store and ship. Since Poreflon fibers are six times stronger than those made from PVDF they resist leaks and failures from mechanical damage.