Duraflow tubular membrane technology for RO brine wastewater recovery up to 95%

Bill Matheson, Duraflow Managing Director, said, “Our high-efficiency DF-ROBR technology is designed to deliver up to 95% recovery of Reverse Osmosis (RO) brine wastewater. The unique pre-treatment chemistry is custom designed for complete softening and removal of RO fouling components that may include heavy metals, organic matter, silica colloids, biological matter, surfactants, and more. Our customers can rely on this low-fouling membrane technology to solve their water shortage problem by maximizing reuse and recycle of large volumes of brine wastewater.” The wastewater is pumped at a high velocity through the membrane modules connected in series with low inlet pressure of 60 psig. The turbulent flow, parallel to the membrane surface, produces a high-shear scrubbing action which minimizes deposition of solids on the membrane surface. During operation, clear filtrate permeates through the membrane, while the suspended solids retained in the re-circulation loop are periodically purged for further dewatering. Duraflow tubular membranes are capable of handling high solids concentrations. The membranes, made of PVDF, are cast on the surface of porous polymeric tubes to produce a nominal pore size of 0.1 micron. The chemical resistant property of PVDF allows the use of a wide range of chemicals – acids, bases and oxidizers for cleaning of the removed fouling substances.