Envirogen Technologies removing nitrates from Californian well site

The system is the seventh turnkey drinking water treatment system installed for California Water by Envirogen in the past decade. It will operate under a 10 year ‘technology and services’ agreement which guarantees system performance and manages operating costs for the life of the contract. The cost to California Water will be based on volume and quantity of treated water. In addition to guaranteed performance, the custom-designed ion exchange system will generate low waste rates, maximize water recovery and allow the District to fit the new treatment capacity into a minimal footprint at the well-head.

The nitrate removal system at Salinas District Station 65-01 is designed to handle 1.1 million gallons per day (GPD) of groundwater and will treat influent nitrate concentrations of up to 41 mg per litre (mg/L) down to less than 30 mg/L, incorporating a blending step for maximum operational efficiency. The 10 year services agreement, typical of Envirogen’s projects for California Water, provides guarantees of performance for the life of the asset, volume of salt consumption, volume of waste brine and finished water quality. The agreement covers all treatment equipment and associated connections. In addition, Envirogen conducted start-up and commissioning services and will be responsible for disposal of waste brine and full operation and maintenance of the unit for the 10 year period.