Envirogen moves into North American food and beverage market

Envirogen has global experience in food & beverage water treatment.
Envirogen has global experience in food & beverage water treatment.

Currently a supplier of ‘end-to-end’ water solutions to the European food and beverage industries, Envirogen will now employ its technology portfolio and operations management expertise in North America to deliver programs for incoming water treatment, process water conditioning, process filtration, water recycle and re-use and wastewater treatment.

Envirogen will help North American food and beverage processors prepare water from municipal or impacted groundwater sources, enhance facility throughput, and reduce water footprint at the lowest lifecycle cost. 

Richard Reese, president and CEO of Envirogen, believes his company has a unique approach to providing water and wastewater treatment solutions to food and beverage companies.

“We combine proprietary technologies with sound process engineering, system design and construction, along with operations services to develop comprehensive solutions for our customers. We can support our clients at any point of the project development and implementation process. Our full-service options include guarantees for performance, operating costs and the lifetime of equipment assets. That’s why we call ourselves a Lifecycle Performance company,” Reese said.

Envirogen has been providing water solutions to food and beverage processors in Europe for more than a decade under the Puresep brand. These include the treatment of groundwater and surface water sources via filtration and ion exchange; incoming water treatment solutions via filtration, ion exchange, disinfection and membrane technologies; process water treatment solutions using membranes, de-aeration, disinfection and sterilization; and wastewater treatment solutions that feature recovery and re-use. Global customers of Envirogen’s European operations include Heineken, Diageo, Britvic, SABMiller, Carlsberg and MolsonCoors.

Envirogen already operates in the US, treating and managing impacted groundwater using biological, physical chemical and adsorptive technologies – with over 80 installations country-wide.

Todd Webster, Envirogen’s West Regional vice president, says that the company’s offering to food and beverage processors is particularly timely considering the industry drive for reduced water footprint and the extreme drought conditions in California and the US Southwest.

“At Envirogen, we have the ability to help companies utilize alternative source water and to make their existing water sources work harder – and with better quality. Within the processing facility, there are a number of opportunities to reduce overall water usage, to make more efficient usage of expensive water sources, as well as investigate water re-use approaches,” Webster said. “We have done this for companies worldwide, and we’re ready to implement tailored solutions to meet new and emergency water requirements in the United States right away.”