Envirogen, Suez Environnement partner on power projects

The two companies will collaborate exclusively to pursue and execute major environmental projects for electrical power generation facilities.

The alliance brings together Suez Environnement’s capabilities in physical/chemical treatment technologies with Envirogen’s expertise in biological treatment, but can be extended to include the full technology portfolios of both companies.

Near term project targets for the alliance include groundwater and landfill leachate treatment related to coal combustion residuals (CCRs), and flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater treatment.

Envirogen president and CEO Richard Reese said the breadth and depth of Suez Environnement’s technology as well as its strong presence in the power industry makes the company an ideal collaborator for Envirogen.

“This collaborative alliance will offer a unique opportunity for the power industry. When power companies work with us, they will be working directly with world-class experts in the systems and technologies that are critical to their projects. At the same time, the teams we put together will have hands-on experience in the process design, engineering, installation and operation of these systems. We will provide a new type of resource to the power industry, where we can not only deliver guarantees for performance and asset life of these installations, but where we can do so at lower capital and lifecycle costs than anyone else in the industry,” said Reese.