Envirogen enters technology agreement with Israel’s Shikun & Binui Water

Shikun & Binui, Israel’s largest private drinking water supplier, has secured exclusive rights in Israel to some of Envirogen’s technology portfolio, including its bioreactors and biofilters. The technology will be deployed on a lifecycle performance basis in which guarantees are provided for system performance, long-term costs and system life.

The two companies will work together to develop projects in industrial and municipal markets for drinking water treatment, groundwater treatment and remediation, wastewater treatment, industrial process improvement and vapour phase treatment applications. Envirogen will support Shikun & Binui Water with process engineering and design, as well as fabricating systems for use in Israel.

Mike Stark, president and CEO of Envirogen Technologies, believes his company and Shikun & Binui Water are a good fit in terms of market experience and business models. “Shikun & Binui has the experience, the reputation, the size and financial strength to position our technology in both very large and very targeted projects in a wide range of applications,” Stark said.

Orry Ben-Porath, managing director of Shikun & Binui Water, said that the technologies and Envirogen’s ability to provide guarantees for performance and costs brought the two companies together.