Envirogen Technologies finalise agreement with Polish PTA manufacturing site

Earnest Chemical, a joint venture between Chemtex International and Yu King Technology, will install the system for the Polski Koncern Naftowy (PKN) Group. The industrial metals recovery system is based on an Envirogen Technologies design and will recover cobalt from a waste stream resulting from the manufacture of PTA. 

Envirogen’s industrial metals recovery system features ion exchange technology in a two-step process and is capable of treating 200 m3/hr streams with a 10-25 ppm range of cobalt concentrations while operating around the clock. The industrial metals recovery system will allow PKN to meet its wastewater treatment goals of less than 1 ppm cobalt in the finished effluent. The recovered metals will be recycled for use as a catalyst in the PTA manufacturing process.  

Robert Stark, director of Industrial Business Development, Envirogen, said: “In this installation for PKN, we are focusing on helping them meet their environmental goals for cobalt in their waste stream. But the efficiency of our metals recycling helps them significantly lower their costs for this treatment as well.”