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EmeraChem signs oil filtration distribution deal

Under the agreement which applies to North America, Europe and Great Britain, EmeraChem will be the master distributor and servicing agent of the F3000, F750 and F500 filtration kits, the F1000 Water Glycol kit and all associated replacement filters. Hydraulic fluid filters also will be provided.

Filmax oil filtration systems remove water and particulate contamination which lead to varnish and sludge. The company says that maintenance intervals can be extended up to three times the suggested manufacturer recommendation, saving thousands of dollars in downtime and service costs.

Filmax will offer EmeraChem catalytic products and services to customers not currently serviced by the US firm. These include non-selective-catalytic-reduction (NSCR) catalyst, oxidation catalyst, diesel oxidation catalyst, 2-cycle oxidation catalyst, catalyst rejuvenation and precious metal reclaim.

“Our distribution agreement is designed to strengthen our customers’ ability to operate their equipment in a clean environment and to realize lower total costs,” said Tom Girdlestone, chief executive officer for EmeraChem.