Ecologix launches water treatment solution for hydraulic fracturing

Using dissolved air flotation technology, the Ecologix Mobile ITS removes essentially all suspended solids, fats, oils and greases from wastewater, produced water, and frac water.

The Ecologix system also features integrated PLC controls, dual whitewater pumps, dual sludge pumps, a mobile platform and a skimmer assembly.

Ecologix has designed the ITS to allow the water to be re-used for future drilling. “With increasing environmental scrutiny associated with hydro-fracking, we designed the system to treat the water so that it could be used for industrial recycle and re-use, rather than discharged into ground wells,” said Eli Gruber, CEO of Ecologix. “This treatment method is both environmentally-sustainable and affordable, which is just what the industry needs to continue fracking operations in the future.”

“Efficient and affordable water treatment is one of the biggest operational challenges with hydro-fracking, and there is a need for new treatment methods that are environmentally compliant and economically viable,” said Gruber. “The mobility and treatment capacity of this system is an industry-breakthrough that will change the way frac water is treated.”