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OriginOil launches new frack water treatment

CLEAN-FRAC PRIME  removes up to 99.9% of all free and emulsified oil and 99.5% of suspended solids from oil & gas wastewater, while also removing dissolved contaminants  and continuously disinfecting bacteria.

The launch followed successful trials in Bakersfield, United States, processing produced water from heavy oil in California’s Monterey Shale Formation.

“You can deploy Clean-Frac Prime for a number of wastewater treatment applications in the oil & gas industry, such as water flooding. Our downstream partners will now have a standardized input to do additional water quality processing for specific requirements, such as water softening.”

Clean-Frac Prime is a precursor to downstream processes that remove other contaminants, such as scaling or cross-linking chemicals that inhibit hydraulic fracking effectiveness.

“Clean-Frac Prime is designed to remove virtually all suspended contaminants and even some dissolved solids,” added Lee Portillo, vice-president of engineering in the Oil & Gas division.