Aquatech to operate central water treatment facility for shale gas

The facility, designed using Aquatech’s MoSuite™ set of technologies, will deliver a range of wastewater treatment and recycle services to the regional shale gas producers and is accepting customer orders. MoSuite is a combination of MoTreat® and MoVap® process units, a pre-treatment and distillation evaporator specifically designed to treat drill fluids, frac flowback, production brine and other wastewaters from exploration and production of conventional and unconventional oil and gas. The suite of processing units delivers a tiered range of services including filtration, disinfection, solids handling, pre-treatment and evaporation concentration. Aquatech says that its offering at the Tioga facility will provide high quality wastewater treatment that delivers consistent treated water quality and flexible water management solutions for the industry. Michael Nawrath, Aquatech’s sales manager said: “We bring safe and reliable technology solutions to deliver cost sustainable water management that is adaptable to the ever changing needs of the gas producers in the region.” Aquatech’s distillation evaporator and crystallisation technologies treat all levels of shale oil and gas water and wastewater including high total dissolved solids (TDS) production brine. Globally, the company treats nearly 1,000,000 barrels of oil and gas field produced water per day, helping producers minimise the amount of fresh water used in the well development process and significantly reducing the volume of wastewater that must be disposed or treated off-site. This approach alleviates the burden on local water resources during shale gas exploration.