Siemens launches FracTreat mobile treatment solutions line

The FracTreat line of products from Siemens includes mobile continuous precipitation, mobile flotation and a mobile combination pilot unit – all of which help improve effluent water quality and reduce the demand on fresh water sources by recycling treated effluent. The FracTreat line of products offers flexible and convenient treatment of these waters, and to date, includes three mobile products – continuous precipitation, flotation and a combination pilot unit.

The FracTreat mobile precipitation system combines several proven technologies into a single packaged unit for removal of heavy metals and suspended solids. These technologies include automated chemical feed systems, staged reaction and flocculation chambers, high-rate clarifiers and clearwells. All components are mounted in an industry-standard frac tank for rapid mobilization and deployment for effective treatment of flowback water.

The FracTreat mobile flotation unit is a 20,000 bpd unit that includes a Veirsep flotation system, comprised of an inlet centrifugal coalescing device, influent and effluent surge compartments, three flotation chambers, an oil collection paddle skim system, Brise DGF pumps for recycling fluid and generating varying micron size air/gas bubbles, as well as all required control and operational accessories.

The FracTreat combination pilot unit includes small scale flotation, sedimentation, filtration and membrane separation process units in a single, 40 foot (12.2 m) container, used for the evaluation of various treatment technologies on specific water sources. The pilot unit can be used to demonstrate process capability prior to full-scale assets being deployed.