Eaton to show hydraulic filtration and contamination control products at BAUMA 2016

Eaton filter elements.
Eaton filter elements.

A range of filters for hydraulic drive systems will be represented. These will include:

  • HPV 240 pressure filters with cold start valves. Eaton says the filters provide a permanent supply of clean oil to prevent damage to downstream components.
  • The easy-to-change TEF 625 in-tank return line filter with a removable bowl to prevent contamination from entering the reservoir and reduce the possibility of oil spillage during changes.
  • The TRS 226 return-line filters with suction connection are tank-top-mounted, in line types that supply clean suction flow and prevent cavitation.
  • The tank-mounted TSW 426 suction filters that can be directly mounted onto the reservoir and connected to the suction-line. A check valve prevents oil from draining out of the reservoir during servicing. Continuous operation of the filter supports longer hydraulic oil usage.

Visitors interested in contamination control will also be able to see the CCS 4 contamination control system. Eaton says this helps to promptly initiate actions and cost-saving measures before failure can occur. It enables users to evaluate the precise condition of a system by knowing the particle size distribution of the contamination plus water saturation and fluid temperature.