DuPont donates PPE to Covid-19 frontline workers

DuPont's Tyvek coveralls are used for Covid-19 testing. (Image: GettyImages)
DuPont's Tyvek coveralls are used for Covid-19 testing. (Image: GettyImages)

DuPont has donated 50,000 protective garments to Covid-19 frontline medical staff in Europe’s worst-hit countries.

The Tyvek coveralls will give health workers added protection against Covid-19 and exceed WHO requirements. They also fulfil the requirements of EN 14126:2003 (protective clothing against infective agents) and have been widely used by frontline task forces during the most serious outbreaks of Ebola, Bird Flu and H1N1. They offer high levels of resistance to water-based liquids and aerosols, giving healthcare workers enhanced protection while performing risky tasks such as aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs). 

Andrzej Palka, marketing manager for DuPont Personal Protection in Europe, said: “This donation is part of a greater effort to respond to the crisis. We are working around the clock to ramp up our current global monthly supply capacity of over 9 million protective garments dedicated to Covid-19 response to meet the unprecedented surge in demand we’re facing right now.”

The beneficiaries of the donation include various public healthcare organisations in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Benelux.