Dow’s UF tech used in new eco washing machine

The company’s Purinze UF module helps facilitate more than 30% reduction in water consumption while improving water quality by removing as much as 99% of common bacteria, Dow says.

"With the integration of the Purinze UF module, we are bringing more sustainable clothes washing to life," said Wenwei Li, R&D director for Haier Casarte eco-friendly washing machine. "The Purinze UF module removes as much as 99% of common bacteria during washing, which significantly improves hygiene and brings healthier clothes to the users. Because of the excellent filtration performance, water consumption was reduced by more than 30% – another significant breakthrough in washing machines, addressing water scarcity issues and resonating well with a more and more sustainable consumer lifestyle."

The module runs continuously during washing, and based on testing performed by Casarte can last as long as the lifetime of the washing machine. Composed of porous hollow fibbers about 20-30 nanometers in diameter, the module allows water molecules to pass through while blocking bacteria and mites. 

Strategic collaboration

The washing machine project falls under the strategic collaboration between Dow and Haier, which began in 2010. In the past few years, DW&PS and Haier have collaborated in a range of formats in the area of residential water purification, including using Dow Filmtec reverse osmosis (RO) components for Haier's high-end residential water purification products.