Dow and Haier sign FILMTEC component trademark licence agreement

The program is designed to help improve residential water treatment through collaboration with well-known local brands.

Haier, a multinational home appliance and consumer electronics company, will use DW&PS’s advanced FILMTEC RO technology inside its residential water purification system and filtration products. The Chinese company is also authorised to use the FILMTEC RO Inside elements composite logo on its water filtration products and its water filtration marketing materials.

“This program provides a growth platform for strong regional brand owners in the residential market by capitalizing on the proven success of FILMTEC RO technology by Dow,” said Snehal Desai, Global Business Director, DW&PS. “In emerging geographies, industry standards are in their infancy, making it difficult for consumers to discern good from bad home drinking water treatment systems. Consumers seek trusted and reliable suppliers. Ultimately, consumers will have peace of mind about the quality of their drinking water systems when they utilize products enabled by our market-leading technology.”

The other companies that have partnered so far with Dow under the FILMTEC RO ingredient branding program include Midea Water Appliances, China; Angel, China; Rusfilter LLC, Russia; KAROFi, Vietnam; and Kent RO Systems Ltd, India.