Donaldson’s new Alpha-Web media provides cleaner hydraulic fluid

Donaldson Co Inc has released Alpha-Web filtration media, a new hydraulic filtration technology that significantly improves fluid cleanliness which can extend hydraulic component life, decrease downtime and lower the cost of equipment ownership.

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Alpha-Web filtration technology features a first-of-its-kind fine-fiber layer to trap and lock particles during frequent flow-rate changes, delivering significant improvement in hydraulic equipment protection. Advanced contaminant retention results in cleaner oil and helps ensure that equipment will continue to perform better, and longer, with a lower risk of wear, damage and unplanned downtime.

Donaldson says Alpha-Web helps extend critical component life by up to 60% over standard synthetic media. Lab testing shows the media improves hydraulic fluid cleanliness by two ISO codes over standard synthetic media, resulting in hydraulic fluid that is up to four times cleaner.

“Hydraulic filtration is evolving. We know hydraulic flow rate changes can significantly impact filter performance. That was the reason behind the development of the industry’s latest and most stringent test standard, ISO 23369. Our new Alpha-Web media was designed to meet this new cyclic test standard," said Uldis Kreslins, hydraulics product manager for Donaldson. “Alpha-Web media provides much higher filtration efficiency than legacy synthetic medias and can be used in everything from low to medium to high pressure applications.”