Distillers raise a glass to haze-free clarity levels

The BECO SELECT A depth filter sheets from US power management company Eaton’s filtration division are designed to enable distillers to virtually eliminate haze-causing substances and preserve flavor, aroma and color.

The Select A 40 provides clarifying filtration for the separation of medium-strong haze-causing particles, while the Select A 20 separates super-fine particles leading to higher clarity levels.

Eaton customer, Herman Mihalich of Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey, said: “We are now accomplishing the job with higher flow rates. Best of all, the flavor retention is right where we want it to be.”

“Distilleries are under increasing pressure to improve quality and reduce costs while satisfying more stringent regulatory requirements,” added Mary Jo Surges, vice president and general manager of Eaton’s filtration division.

“Beco Select A depth filter sheets help address and overcome these challenges. Their ideal pore structure and low calcium, magnesium and iron ion content makes the selective filtration required by the spirits industry possible.”