De Nora offers visual assistance platform

De Nora has launched DE NORA VIA, a visual assistance platform for remote customer support, offering customers live video support and inspections. 

Municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities to industrial process water users will be supported remotely by expert engineers and product experts. Visual assistance optimises the communications process, enabling faster and more accurate resolutions.

Through live communications via a tablet or smart phone, De Nora experts will use a variety of tools including voice, text, document share, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to guide customers on site through servicing, troubleshooting, and start up. The platform allows De Nora personnel to see exactly what the customer sees so issues can be resolved immediately, without travel, reducing costs and delays.

Dr Mirka Wilderer, De Nora Water Technologies CEO, said: “DE NORA VIA allows us to help our customers and partners ensure compliance with municipal water regulations and operational continuity for manufacturing processes. Digitalisation initiatives like DE NORA VIA had already been in pipeline for De Nora, and Covid-19 accelerated the process.”