Crossflow system for biotech

The Sartoflow® Alpha plus from Sartorius Stedim Biotech can provide semi-automatic micro, ultra and diafiltration and is especially suited for process development, clinical testing and for smaller production processes. 

Due to its standardised options, the system can be adapted to the changing production demands of downstream processing. It features an SIP (steaming-in-place) module for thermal sterilisation that gives users the option to run all crossflow processes aseptically. For such applications, heat-resistant Sartocon filter cassettes are available along with valves and sterile connectors. The filter holder takes up to five Sartocon Slice cassettes, each of which has a filter surface of 0.1m2. The hydrodynamic properties of the filtration cassettes can be transferred to larger cassettes in the Sartocon family. All available Sartoflow Alpha plus modules are designed for a minimum recirculation volume of 300 ml (with a 0.1m2 Sartocon Slice cassette).

The system operates with disposable bag technology or a permanently installed tank. It incorporates conductivity sensors, pH electrodes, peristaltic pumps and 21 CFR part 11 compliant software, making it possible to adapt the system to the changing production demands of downstream processing.

The Sartoflow Alpha plus crossflow system is equipped with a DCU4 control module, which allows communication with the SCADA MFCS/WIN data logging and control software from Sartorius Stedim Biotech and makes integration with existing networks effortless. It has pre-programmed sequences which enables semi-automatic workflows. 

The complete Sartoflow Alpha plus system can be used in refrigerated rooms and rough production climates and needs an electrical connection and cooling water access, and optionally a steam generator, for installation. Other components, such as compressed air, are not required for operation. The system is cGMP-compliant and self-draining.