Conwed and Delstar exhibit at 2017 Membrane Technology Conference

Schweitzer-Mauduit acquired Conwed earlier this year, and bought DelStar Technologies in 2013.

“DelStar and Conwed have been competitors for decades, always aiming at developing the most advanced filtration products for an increasingly demanding industry. We are thrilled to join our talents and technologies to lead the feed spacer development across the globe,” said Ivan Soltero, senior strategic marketing manager at Conwed.

Known as spacer, scrim, mesh, net, or netting, feed spacers act as one of the layers of wound materials in RO filters and provide vital separation between the membranes to achieve superior filter performance.

“Water scarcity is a global challenge driving technology companies to improve existing and develop new materials and systems. We believe the next wave of innovation will come from the feed spacer,” added Soltero.