Conwed expands into Europe

Plastic netting manufacturer Conwed, produces a full line of feed spacers specifically designed for reverse osmosis applications and is expanding production capacity in its European plant based in Genk, Belgium.

All Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia customers, serviced by Conwed European Headquarters, will benefit from the expanded production capacity installed. “We’re delighted with this investment in our European plant. Increasing our feed spacer production capacity confirms our commitment to the reverse osmosis industry. Our ability to customize netting configurations and our in-house testing capabilities make us the partner of choice for RO filter developers”, said Stefan Tielen, General Manager at Conwed Europe.

Feed spacer market

Conwed is focusing on the RO feed spacer market following increasing demand for RO filters worldwide. Existing RO plants expanding their water treatment capacity and new plants around the world becoming operational confirm the growing need for drinkable water..

Frequently known as scrim, mesh, net, or netting, feed spacers act as one of the layers of wound materials in reverse osmosis filters and provide vital separation between the membranes to achieve superior filter performance.

The Global Innovation and Technology team at Conwed, led by James Kidwell, is devising and testing new ideas and developments in feed spacers. “We believe the next generation of improved RO feed spacers can lead to increased performance & energy efficiency. Pressure drop, membrane damage and biofouling are a concern for both membrane manufacturers and RO plant operators. We believe the next leap in RO filtration efficiency could come from the feed spacer”.