Cleanr uses 3D printing to prototype microplastic filters for washing machines

US microplastic filtration technology company Cleanr is accelerating the development of its solutions for washing machine manufacturers through early access to Formlabs’ advanced 3D printing platform.

Image copyright © Zoe - Adobe Stock.

The 3D printing platform will enable Cleanr to rapidly prototype its new microplastic filtering solutions, and collaborate quickly with appliance manufacturers to integrate the technology into their washing machine designs.

Washing machine wastewater is a major source of microplastic pollution, and is coming under increasing regulation in Europe and North America.

“3D printing technology plays a pivotal role in how we’re helping washing machine manufacturers address complex microplastic-filtering specifications, testing standards, space constraints, and cost challenges as they move quickly to address new regulations," said Chip Miller, co-founder and chief operating officer of Cleanr. “Formlabs technology enables us to render extremely high-quality prototypes for them in a matter of hours or days, instead of weeks or months, in order to adapt our solution for diverse appliance designs."

In addition to using Formlabs technology to customize Cleanr filtering solutions for manufacturers, Cleanr is also using the technology to develop new features and additional products surrounding its platform filtration technology.

“Technology innovation is crucial in the race to eliminate microplastics from our oceans, food supplies and drinking water,” said Cleanr co-founder and chief technology officer David Dillman. “Having early access to Formlabs’ advanced 3D printing capabilities will help us maintain the lead position in microplastics filtration and accelerate our expansion into in-home water filters, dishwashers, dryers, industrial laundry, and beyond.”