Cleanr partners with GKD on microplastics filtering of washing machine wastewater

Cleanr, a US developer of microplastics filtering technologies, has teamed up German mesh manufacturer GKD Group to help washing machine manufacturers meet new and emerging regulations aimed at eliminating plastic microfiber pollution.

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The two companies will collaborate in the development, engineering and manufacturing of Cleanr's solutions, which filter microplastics (particles smaller than five millimeters, or one-fifth of an inch, in length) from residential, commercial and industrial washing machine wastewater.

Cleanr's unique patent-pending technology can be applied as an external filter or readily integrated into modern washing machine designs as a pre-installed solution. The technology has been shown to capture over 90% of microplastic fibers larger than 50 microns in size. Cleanr also offers a dry disposal mechanism that prevents hands-on contact with microfiber waste and prevents it from being washed down the drain.

"Washing-machine manufacturers around the world are facing growing demand for consumer-friendly, cost-efficient microplastic filtering solutions to address pending regulations in Europe, North America and beyond," said Max Pennington, Cleanr CEO. "Our partnership with GKD ensures the highest quality and precision manufacturing capabilities for our clients, along with GKD's 100-year track record of woven mesh innovation. Our two companies are bound by a shared vision of creating a safer and healthier world by tackling the global microplastics problem at its primary source."

"Microplastic pollution is becoming an urgent environmental and public health concern," said Dr Stephan Kufferath, GKD Group CSO. "But microplastic filtering of washing machine wastewater is a game changer. That is why we're so keen to help Cleanr achieve its market potential by leveraging our innovative microplastic stainless-steel mesh and our long-established network of global manufacturing and distribution centers. This is an opportunity to help deliver the first filtration solution that actually meets upcoming regulatory requirements for Europe and beyond."