Cleanr unveils nature-inspired microplastic washing machine filters

US greentech venture Cleanr has debuted its new internal- and external-retrofit microplastic filters for washing machines at the appliance industry conference IFA Berlin.

The Cleanr external retrofit filter.
The Cleanr external retrofit filter.

Cleanr Inside captures more than 90% of microplastics down to 50 microns in size. It requires no additional pumps and can be separated into two parts to accommodate washing machine models with tight interior space limitations.

Cleanr’s new premium external filter also captures more than 90% of microplastics down to 50-microns in size.

The nature-inspired technology uses a vortex filtration process that the company says delivers 300% higher efficiency than traditional filters. Microplastics removal is easy, dry and takes less than 30 seconds per week and maintenance takes less than two minutes per month.

The solution integrates into almost any washing machine model and the technology requires no additional pumps

The Cleanr internal retrofit filter. -

Cleanr’s Votrx technology was inspired by a filtering process that occurs in marine life. Instead of attracting particles to the filter surface, Vortx suspends and isolates them using fluid patterns that form a vortex and push the particles into its biodegradable capture unit, the Cleanr Pod, for safe removal. The filtered fluid exits through GKD's 50-micron patented stainless steel microplastics mesh.

"Cleanr's core technology, Vortx, is powered by a novel vortex filtration process that was inspired by nature and delivers 300% higher efficiency than traditional filters," explained Max Pennington, Cleanr's CEO. "This enables our filters to handle three times as many wash loads as others before filter-cleaning, operate with no electrical pumps, and trap the smallest microfibers."

Cleanr estimates that widespread adoption of its Cleanr Inside internal filter and its external filters in the EU and US alone would prevent the equivalent of over 280 million plastic bags from entering waterways every year.

Cleanr's new filtering solutions will be widely available in 2024.

The Cleanr spiral filter design. -