Camfil introduces TurboPulse, innovation in pulse filter technology

This innovation fits seamlessly into existing filter houses designed for conical cylindrical filters, providing a transition to the next generation of pulse technolog

TurboPulse - Camfil

At the heart of TurboPulse's innovation lies its patented square inner cage featuring aerodynamic TurboVanes that redirect pulse energy to achieve unparalleled cleanability, optimise airflow distribution and ensure even dust distribution within the filter. This results in:

  • 25% greater dust holding capacity compared to conical cylindrical filers
  • 20% lower initial pressure drop
  • 30% pressure drop recovery after each pulse

The strength and safety engineered into TurboPulse filters ensure worry-free performance and reliable operations for years to come.

  • Corrosion-proof and 100% incinerable
  • Pulse endurance tested over 250 000 pulses
  • Inner cage has double the compressive strength of steel, made of tough durable plastic

Engineered with innovative features, TurboPulse also stands out for its ease of installation. Its streamlined installation process saves maintenance hours by more than 25%.

  • Patented SureGrip gasket grips firmly to the tube sheet, providing 10x better sealing than traditional compression gaskets.
  • A visual indicator built into the supplied washer guarantees a perfect seal and prevents over-torquing with the endcap that could cause compression damage to the filter.
  • Built-in alignment tabs, handles and centering notches guide operators during installation, ensuring proper setup.

TurboPulse emerges as the ideal choice for environments with heavy dust, harsh sandstorms and snow, where frequent pulsing is essential. Its tapered design ensures efficient drainage, making it suitable even for environments with high humidity and fog.

Sophie Belanger, Product Manager, says 'TurboPulse is a true game-changer, marking a significant advancement in pulse filter technology. Packed with value-added innovations.'