PPG introduces high-performance UF membranes and filter elements

PPG announced the introduction of a high-performance ultrafiltration (UF) membrane and filter elements for industrial process water and wastewater applications.

PPG's new high-performance ultrafiltration (UF) membrane and filter elements
PPG's new high-performance ultrafiltration (UF) membrane and filter elements - Image PPG

The new UF membrane adds to PPG’s line of microfiltration (MF) membranes and filter elements, which are designed to remove oil and other contaminants so process water and wastewater can be disposed or reused safely and economically, helping to improve water reuse and play a role in addressing global water scarcity.

Incorporating a proprietary antifouling treatment technology, PPG’s UF membranes are superhydrophilic, or water loving, which inhibits trace amounts of oil, grease and other tough-to-filter contaminants from fouling the membranes and filter elements. In turn, this can extend the service life of membranes, reducing costs through lower maintenance and replacement needs. 

'Our antifouling treatment represents a significant technical advancement with potential benefits in multiple industries,' said Lisa Walters, PPG filtration segment manager, Specialty Coatings and Materials. 'The traditional belief is that membranes are not well-suited for removing oil and grease because of their tendency to foul. PPG filtration membranes have an exceptional ability to separate emulsified contaminants from water.'

PPG’s MF and UF membranes separate oil, grease and emulsified contaminants from higher volumes of industrial process water. This can reduce the number of filters and the amount of manufacturing floor space needed to recover the water for reuse. Aided by the antifouling treatment, PPG membranes can offer plant managers and maintenance engineers a solution that helps their filtration systems perform better and last longer with enhanced cleanability.