Aquaporin secures Chinese pilot to treat leachate

Danish water technology company Aquaporin has won a strategic order in China to help a landfill meet the country’s strict discharge limits by treating leachate more efficiently.

An Aquaporin bLEAF container.
An Aquaporin bLEAF container.

In the first half of 2022, the landfill will receive an advanced containerised pilot system developed by Aquaporin in collaboration with Gradiant Environmental Technology to treat leachate.

Aquaporin is currently involved in similar pilot projects in Southern China and Europe to test the technology and gain insights to develop a final solution for the global leachate treatment market.

“We believe this could be a technology breakthrough that has the potential to provide a new economic solution for leachate treatment. When the pilot project is completed next summer, we will have a key reference showcasing our Forward Osmosis (FO) based leachate treatment solution not only to the Chinese market, but globally,” said Matt Boczkowski, Aquaporin chief commercial officer and deputy CEO.