Aquaporin partners with Canada’s Forward Water Technologies

Denmark’s Aquaporin has entered into a strategic partnership with Canadian water technology company Forward Water Technologies for the North American market.

Forward Water president and CEO Howie Honeyman.
Forward Water president and CEO Howie Honeyman.

Forward Water will distribute Aquaporin Inside Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis products in the Oil & Gas and mining sectors including lithium-related applications in North America. Aquaporin says that the of its membranes within Forward Water’s industrial forward osmosis systems has the potential to deliver higher water selectivity, cleaner permeate for reuse, higher recovery percentage, and lower OPEX.

Forward Water president and CEO Howie Honeyman says: “Forward Water has had a long and positive experience using Aquaporin’s forward osmosis modules and is now pleased to aid in the distribution of these high-performance products across North America.”

Aquaporin CEO Matt Boczkowski is pleased to have Forward Water as a strategic partner.

“North America, lithium mining, and the oil & gas industry are three markets where our forward osmosis technology not only offers a new level of performance but also empowers customers to take responsibility for the Earth we live on, and the water supplies we live off. We are pleased to embark on this journey with Forward Water,” says Boczkowski.