Amazon Filters’ variations boost oil and gas performance

UK filter maker Amazon Filters Ltd has engineered some changes to products used in upstream, midstream and downstream processes in the oil and gas industry.

A SupaSep LGM coalescer retrofit filter.
A SupaSep LGM coalescer retrofit filter.

The three product variations, which can be integrated with existing equipment, are aimed at three of the main process applications at the heart of oil and gas filtration and production: liquid gas coalescing; particulate removal from natural gas; and particle removal in liquids.

For liquid gas coalescing, Amazon Filters has introduced a filter based on proprietary melt blown technology. The SupaSep LGM is designed as a cost-effective retrofit solution to enhance efficiency and drainage performance in high-flow filtration and separation processes. It is ideal for the removal of entrained liquid droplets such as water, condensate, oil, glycols and amines from natural gas in applications within processing plants, power plants and compressor stations. This complements the recently released SupaSep LGP coalescer that is based on pleated glass microfibre media technology.

Particulate removal from natural gas is the focus of a variation of Amazon Filters’ Contour Gas melt blown cartridge filters. These help with the removal from gas transmission lines of black powder, a common source of contamination mainly composed of hard particles of iron oxide and iron sulfide in sizes from 100µm down to sub-micron level. Typically caused by corrosion and erosion in upstream pipework, the particles are swept along at high speed in the gas flow, with accumulations risking harm to downstream equipment and endangering production safety.

Liquid particulate filter SupaPleat 1401 features a pleated, high surface area and polypropylene depth media to ensure low pressure loss and optimised dirt holding. -

For the new variation of Contour Gas, design engineers have reduced the dimensions of the outer diameter so that more installations can enjoy seamless retrofits. The graded density of the variation’s melt blown structure ensures efficient removal of fine, sub-micron particles while providing excellent dirt holding capacity. The product is now available in two efficiency grades, with coreless and stainless steel core variants, to optimise matching to process conditions.

In the third product variation, Amazon Filters has optimised the pleat configuration of its liquid particulate filter SupaPleat 1401 and added advanced, extended-life, polypropylene depth media to ensure low pressure loss and optimised dirt holding. SupaPleat 1401 is an absolute-rated, high-pressure filter cartridge with a pleated, high surface area designed as a cost-effective alternative to products based on old technology and filtration media. Fluid process applications in the refinery, chemical and petrochemical industries include the filtration of solvents, acids, iron fines and hydrocarbons.

A retrofit variation of a Contour Gas melt blown cartridge filter, designed to remove particulates from natural gas. -

“The variations we have introduced mean we can supply our products directly into more retrofit applications, supporting the essential work of production and maintenance managers on production platforms, in transmission lines and at refineries,” said Simon Hughes, business development director at Amazon Filters.

“Extensive performance testing of competitive products and our newly developed retrofits ensures our filters can fit seamlessly into existing systems to provide, at the very least, comparative performance. In many applications, customers will achieve improved performance along with associated economic savings. This is all about providing competitively priced products that protect machinery and equipment, offer performance benefits, minimise costly unscheduled downtime and ensure the final purity of output.”