Amazon Filters maintains public water supply with same-day delivery

UK filter maker Amazon Filters Ltd has turned round an urgent request from a municipal water company to help maintain the quality of final water at a groundwater station producing four million litres per day with a same-day filter delivery.

Filtration equipment inside the groundwater station.
Filtration equipment inside the groundwater station.

The Surrey-based firm responded to the customer’s request for fresh filter cartridges after exceptionally dry weather began to raise turbidity levels at the site.

As in many parts of the UK, the record-breaking heat in the early summer prompted far greater than normal customer water demand, with treatment stations required to increase volumes of supply to cope.

At the same time, routine monitoring of water quality at the station began to show elevated levels of particulates that typically cause turbidity.

The customer engaged Amazon Filters to replace the existing in-situ filters of three microns in size with cartridges of just one micron.

Amazon Filters shipped the order the same day, enabling the operators to install the new cartridges within hours to restart and maintain continuity of supply.

“Raw turbidity had deteriorated from its normal performance of 0.5 ntu to above 5 ntu, post filtered turbidity increased from 0.03 ntu to 0.5ntu where the site was shut down,” explained the customer’s area manager. “On the morning of the issue we contacted Amazon Filters who advised on a solution to improve the post-filtered quality and support a quick site restart. As there was an urgent need, Amazon Filters transported the new cartridges the same day.”

The Amazon delivery crew met with the operational team on site out of hours so that the cartridges could be immediately installed. As a result, the site was restarted later that same day and post turbidity returned to the normal background levels of 0.03 ntu.

"The groundwater site has been in operation for many years using our filter skids and cartridges,” said Lisa Astbury, Amazon Filters Sales Manager. “On-site instrumentation measures the water quality pre and post our cartridge filters and once the post results exceeded the acceptable levels the site automatically stops. In response to the urgent request, we recommended one-micron cartridges and were able to despatch the quantity required on a same-day delivery basis."

The exterior of the station. -

Amazon Filters’ absolute-rated depth filter SupaSpun II is on the approved list for use in the public water supply under the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s Regulation 31. As well as turbidity control, Amazon Filters’ input supports essential activities such as drought management, chlorine reduction and the removal of iron, manganese, cryptosporidium and other contaminants and chemicals.