Align Capital Partners invests in Pleatco

Headquartered in Glen Cove, New York, Pleatco designs and manufactures pleated filter cartridges, DE grids and filter wash products for the pool and spa market. The company services customers throughout the US, Canada and Europe from its facilities in New York, California, and Mexico.

“Pleatco has and will continue to thrive under the leadership of CEO Howard Smith and a strong management team due to its focus on product innovation and customer service,” said ACP managing partner Rob Langley. “The company has consistently expanded and improved upon its product line through industry-leading engineering and new product development to bring high-quality, critical replacement filters to customers. We are excited to partner with the Pleatco team to build upon their strong track record of growth.”

“Align Capital Partners understands the importance of continuing to invest in our employees, systems and resources to further accelerate our growth while providing the highest quality products and service that our customers expect,” said CEO Howard Smith. “Align Capital Partners will be a fantastic partner for Pleatco as we embark upon our next phase of growth.”

Rick Von Drehle, former CEO of Clear Edge Filtration, is joining the Pleatco board.

“I accepted the invitation to become involved with Pleatco after spending time with Howard and his team. I was very impressed by Pleatco’s team of dedicated professionals with incredible experience and passion for the filtration business,” said Von Drehle.