This machine, manufactured by Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co Ltd, has automatic infrared liquid-level, safeguard pressure, and temperature control systems.
The purifier is capable of breaking emulsification and offer coalescing separation and vacuum dewatering along with a FH rectangle filtering system. It features Zhongneng's technology with HPM high molecule absorption material. The hydraulic lubricating oil treated by this machine contains a very low emulsification value, water content and impurities allowing it to be used in precise hydraulic lubricating equipment. This series can also degas, dewater, and remove impurities and volatile matter (such as ethyl alcohol, gasoline and ammonia). It can improve oil quality, restore lubricating oil viscosity, augment flash point and improve operational performance. The machine is suitable for mining, metallurgy, electric power, transportation and manufacturing.