Under the agreement, MCC will purchase MZM’s entire output of zeolite membranes and hold the sole sales rights in the US and other global markets. The agreement also covers proposals for new dehydration processes that will involve both companies’ technologies.

MZM has produced and marketed A-type zeolite membranes since 1998, and its products have been adopted in over 70 plants. Because of the A-type zeolite membrane’s strong dehydration performance, it has been adopted in industrial alcohol solvent collection systems and bioethanol water-removal processes.
MCC’s unique CHA-type zeolite membranes have superior resistance to water and acid. They have been adopted in the solvent collection system developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corp and in Japanese sake concentration, which requires both water and acid resistance.
MCC and MZM have already started jointly marketing a dehydration system using ZEBREX zeolite membranes in combination with A-type zeolite membranes and MCC-developed CHA-type zeolite membranes for bioethanol production processes in the US, along with Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp (TNSC).