Zero Brine finalist for Water Innovator 2020 Award

Zero Brine is one of three finalists for Water Innovator of the Year, an award which recognises companies or government institutions committed to new ideas and sustainability in their use of industrial wastewater.

The EU-funded Zero Brine project aims to further the circular economy by reducing industrial saline wastewater streams and does this by recovering and reusing minerals, water and metals from wastewater. The project considers brine as a resource rather than unwanted waste and uses both existing and new technologies to recover and reuse high quality end-products with good market value.  

The other two finalists are Vivimag from Dutch water technology company, Wetsus and Aquavest from Frontier Ventures. Vivimag is a magnetic separation technology to recover the iron phosphate mineral, vivianite from digested sewage sludge. Aquavest is a water infrastructure planning model whose software identifies the required investments to make regional water systems future proof.

The Water Innovator of the Year award is part of the Water Vision Congress which will take place on 13 February at the Tata Steel headquarters in the Netherlands.