Xylem technology supports beer brewed with recycled water

Charlotte Water, Town Brewing and Xylem are proud to announce Renew Brew, a beer brewed in the US Carolinas with QC Water, an ultra-sustainable recycled water.

Image courtesy of Charlotte Water.

Renew Brew, a limited-edition pale ale, is a demonstration project and cannot be sold; it is only available via tasting events and demonstrations.

Charlotte Water provided the source water from its McDowell Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), chosen due to its award-winning treatment process and high effluent standards. Xylem technology and expertise made QC Water possible, including post-plant polishing treatment equipment and oversight of additional treatment operations.

QC Water is a sustainable source of clean water derived from recycled wastewater, using state-of-the-art carbon filtering, reverse osmosis, and advanced oxidation (ozone and ultraviolet treatment). What would normally be highly treated effluent from the WWTP discharged into a nearby creek has now taken one step further to become a water source for beer. QC Water exceeds all pathogen reduction requirements and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines through the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The production process is monitored to meet the criteria specified by Charlotte Water based on the SDWA. QC Water was tested for more than 150 potential contaminants.

“In an industry where the majority of our product is water, and knowing the large amount of it that it takes to make a single pint of beer, it is vastly important to be a part of any sustainability effort that we can – especially an ingredient as important to us as water,” said Federico De La Torre, head brewer at Town Brewing.

"At Charlotte Water, we are thrilled to launch in partnership our first beer brewed with recycled water,” said Angela Charles, Charlotte Water director. “This project is a testament to our commitment to a circular economy, innovation, and sustainability, and we are excited to showcase the endless possibilities of recycled water."

“Innovative approaches like reuse are critical to address water scarcity in our communities,” said Chris Thomson, Xylem director, vertical marketing, drinking water utilities. “We’re proud to support Charlotte Water, and customers globally, as they take on this important work.”

- Image courtesy of Charlotte Water.