Xylem enhances UV disinfection for wastewater

Xylem’s new WEDECO TAK 55 Smart UV light disinfection system is claimed to be ideal for small to medium sized municipalities. The solution offers a full menu of options to help customers design their system to meet all kinds of effluent qualities such as combined sewer overflows, primary or secondary wastewater sources, lagoons or tertiary wastewater reclamation and reuse.Disinfection is carried out by long lasting, energy efficient WEDECO ECORAY® UV amalgam lamps and electronic ballasts that utilise up to 20 percent less power than previous UV lamp generations, especially when in dimmed mode. The automatic wiping system prevents the formation of organic and inorganic deposits on the protective quartz sleeves reducing maintenance.Xylem’s WEDECO TAK 55 Smart comes fully pre-configured and in multiple open channel designs - concrete, stainless steel or marine grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These options allow customers to select the solution best suited for their site conditions, reducing engineering and installation costs significantly. Moreover the new configurations allow higher flow rates up to 1000 cubic meters per hour (m³/h) (or max. 6.5 MGD) per channel and optional second UV bank setup providing non-stop disinfection performance or higher UV doses. The optional second UV bank setup provides duty/duty or duty/standby operation for non-stop disinfection performance.The system's electrical components are housed in a separate cabinet installed adjacent to the channel for safe and easy access in all weather conditions. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 4X-rated stainless steel cabinet and air conditioning options make outdoor installation even at high ambient temperatures possible. "The wide range of options such as automatic wipers, variable power of the highly efficient ECORAY UV lamps and the sophisticated control and monitoring system make the TAK 55 Smart ideal for small sewage schemes that are considering adding a disinfection step," said Kirsten Meyer, product manager with Xylem for UV wastewater systems. "It is easy to install and can be operated with minimal maintenance and operator involvement. It is a cost-effective solution without any compromise in quality and flexibility."To order to meet the highest UV disinfection standards, the system has been extensively tested in line with the latest IUVA protocol for the disinfection of secondary treated effluents as well as the stringent validation requirements outlined in the US EPA’s UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM, 2006).As UV disinfection does not create any toxic by-products like chemical-based disinfection methods, the TAK 55 Smart system is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, easy to maintain disinfection solution that stands out from competing systems.