Wedeco develops new open channel UV disinfection system

The Wedeco Duron solution has a small footprint due to its 45 degrees vertical incline design and vertical lamp arrangement. “The vertical incline design, combined with new higher powered Wedeco Ecoray lamps of 600 watts, means that a minimum number of lamps are needed,” said Kirsten Meyer, product manager with Xylem for UV disinfection. “This minimises the space required for the Wedeco Duron solution as a whole.”

The system also features sensor-based ‘dose pacing’ so that the correct dosage is applied as required while both power and lamp life are conserved. It has an automatic lifting system so that all maintenance works can be conducted at an ergonomic service height with less disruption to operations.

Wedeco Duron uses Xylem’s Ecoray lamps and ballasts which were developed by Xylem’s R&D team. The first generation of Ecoray lamps was launched in 2011 and Wedeco Duron features the second generation of 600 watts lamps.

Xylem presented the new Wedeco Duron system at IFAT which took place at Munich, Germany, in May. It will be rolled out later this year as it is validated according to the NWRI guidelines and the US EPA’s UV disinfection guidance manual (UVDGM).