Xebec unveils membranes to boost gas recovery rates

Up until now, the company offered gas purification and conditioning solely based on adsorption technology but after an in-depth evaluation of membrane technologies, it will now offer standalone membrane solutions, as well as hybrid (membrane + adsorption) alternatives, which are able to achieve recovery rates and purity levels so far unobtainable with adsorption technology alone.

For biogas upgrading applications, Xebec membrane systems will achieve recovery rates of up to 99.8%, while meeting stringent product gas specifications. For biogas or landfill gas applications containing nitrogen and oxygen, Xebec offers advanced fast cycle kinetic pressure swing adsorption that can handle nitrogen levels of up to 30%.

For hydrogen applications, Xebec now integrates membranes into its overall system design, which it says results in significantly higher overall recovery rates, while still being able to meet stringent product gas specifications of up to 99.9999% pure hydrogen.

Xebec has also developed a hybrid helium purification and conditioning system that will take low helium concentrations from a gas well, typically 0.6% to 2.5%, and purify the gas stream to 99.999% pure helium, while achieving recovery rates of up to 95+%.