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'World's first' nanoporous synthetic iron oxide active bed air filter tested

Engineered Data LLC has designed, tested and filed a patent application for the first commercial filter to use military-grade nano-porous synthetic iron oxide particles for remediation of small metal + inorganic pollution particles that standard hepa filters and activated carbon miss. Originally designed for air and gas filtration, with minor modifications, this filter can also be used for water filtration. 

In a statement the Washington DC-based company said that several factors make Engineered Data's sorbent + filter 'revolutionary' including where filters that use nanotechnology today rely on membrane nano-fibers to deliver nano-scale remediation performance, Engineered Data's filter uses sorbent particles, not membrane fibers. In addition, the traditional method of manufacturing nano-fibers is electrospinning, which often requires dangerous solvents. New extrusion methods like meltblowing + nanotubing produce nano-fibers that lack the homogeneity that electrospun nano-fibers possess. Engineered Data's sorbent particles are manufactured by 'a simple, safe, inexpensive, and proprietary process' known only to the company and its project development partners.

Other applications for Engineered Data's sorbent exist in petroleum refining, medical applications and other markets, but these applications are unexplored.

Preliminary testing suggests Engineered Data’s filter will perform best in any environment known to possess high concentrations of small (<2.5 microns in size) metal and/or inorganic particles, where remediation speed is important.