Wigen Water to supply Universal Ultrafiltration Skid system for Santa Barbara WWTP

The system will produce recycled water for non-potable applications, reducing demand on the city’s drinking water supplies.

Design engineer CDM Smith specified the Universal Rack system to be able to use three different MF or UF modules. This will mean that the city will not be locked into one supplier of replacement modules for the life of the treatment plant.

“With our experience in having built UF systems using modules from different manufacturers, and the launch of our Spectrum Series Universal UF Rack last year that accommodates at least five of the UF modules that we have access to, we are excited to be able to provide this membrane system for the city of Santa Barbara,” said Jeff Wigen, president of Wigen Water Technologies.

The Santa Barbara Universal UF Racks will be supplied with Dow IntegraFlo UF modules but are designed to also accommodate Toray and Hydranautics modules. The general contractor for the project is Schock Contracting Corp and the plant is scheduled to start up in the summer of 2015.